Welcome to Eastland CUSD #308

Welcome to Eastland

Welcome to the website for the Eastland CUSD #308.  Eastland is a consolidated district serving the communities of Lanark, Shannon and Lake Carroll, IL and their surrounding rural routes.  Our boundaries encompass 156 square miles.  Students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 6th attend Eastland Elementary in Shannon while 7th through 12th grade students attend the Eastland Jr/Sr High School in Lanark.

Eastland is currently transitioning from traditional to standards-based learning and grading.  Our vision is a guaranteed, viable curriculum in every area of instruction, articulated vertically and assessed rigorously so that students’ levels of mastery are clear and communicated – where students who are struggling to meet standards are supported with time and resources, and those capable of going farther and faster are challenged appropriately.  

  • A guaranteed and viable curriculum ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to learn.  Students, parents and staff know that the District has aligned instruction to national, grade-level standards, and that “each student has access to an effective or highly effective teacher, and access to the same content, knowledge and skills in each section or class.”
    What Works in Schools, Marzano, Robert, 2003

  • When a curriculum is vertically articulated, educators have designed it such that all learning builds on previous learning and supports learning yet to come.

  • Rigorous assessments of learning ensure that students’ mastery of given standards are measured accurately and communicated clearly – no false indicators of proficiency.

  • When students are struggling, the District supports them with time and resources, substituting the “power of yet” for the punitive notion of “failure.”
    Ted Talk on a Growth Mindset, Dweck, Carol - View Here

  • When students are challenged appropriately, their learning is not limited by a system that demands all of them learn at the same rate; instead, those ready to go farther or faster are encouraged and supported to do so.

Eastland has embraced the new priorities on student outcomes, accountability, student engagement, common and rigorous expectations, and dynamic instructional technologies.  Our culture is one of growth:  individually and collectively, we hold ourselves accountable for improving academic and social outcomes for all students.  We refer to these as the core and supplemental competencies that students should expect to earn. We see all of the essential functions of the school – the safe transport and housing of students in clean and modern facilities, the provision of healthy meals, reliable access to online content and programming, instruction facilitated by highly effective and well-trained teachers, and opportunities to participate in a variety of quality co- and extracurricular programs – as fundamental to learning.  It is this comprehensive approach that allows us to say, “welcome to Eastland, where Learning is Paramount.”

If you have questions about how Eastland's transition to Standards-Based Grading feel free to email us at


9-12 Implementation of Standards-Based Grading

The Board approved the recommendations of the Committee on 9-12 Implementation of Standards-Based Grading at their meeting on October 18th, 2017.  The Committee made revisions to the recommendations as a result of feedback from Board members in September.  Hansen explained that implementation of standards-based learning at grades 9-12 is more complicated, though no less important, because of established and embedded practices unique to high schools.  The approved implementation plan will serve as a starting point, with the Committee scheduled to meet regularly after implementation to evaluate and possibly make revisions as necessary.  The 9-12 Implementation of Standards-Based Grading is available here..  The Board also approved the recommendation of the Committee to stagger full implementation and standards-based grade reporting as follows:




Tentative FY 2019 Budget

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‚ÄčFY 2019 Tentative Budget

School Closings, Cancellations and Postponements

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Thomson Prison Relocation Page

The district has put together a page for families considering a move due to employment with the prison. 

Standards-based Grading

Eastland will begin the transition to standards-based grading starting this summer by holding professional development for our teachers. The transition is expected to take a couple of years, and as we move along we will share information with our students, parents and community. The article below is a brief primer explaining the research findings on standards-based grading.

What does the research say about standards-based grading?

Current Vacancies

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K-12 Music Staffing & Programming for 2018-2019

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