Welcome to Eastland CUSD #308

      Welcome to the Eastland CUSD 308 website. Our district continues to embrace the shifts in public education: the new priorities on student outcomes, accountability, student engagement, common and rigorous expectations, and dynamic instructional technologies.  At the same time, our district itself has gone through a period of change: adjusting for reduced enrollments, adding services for students and families in need, remodeling outdated facilities, constructing new additions, closing buildings that are no longer needed, reducing costs to match diminishing revenues, making security enhancements, replacing retiring teachers, and improving the quality of our school lunches.

      This begs the question: “is it all too much?” One theory says that the way to growth is to narrow the focus – to simplify. This is a common approach in the world of business, but not likely the best for a public school.

      Eastland agreed in 2011-12 to participate as one of 36 “Race to the Top” (RT3) districts in Illinois. As an RT3 District, Eastland has implemented educational reforms in eight (8) key areas. Research supports that these areas are all important characteristics of highly effective schools. Success in one to the exclusion of others is not good enough.     

    While doing this work, we have also been compelled to update our facilities, reduce costs and increase services as circumstances dictate. The idea is to evaluate our progress continuously, looking closely and regularly at all of the important indicators of success.

     Successful organizations know that they will never be “done” with improvement – it never stops. They do not focus on one thing, but on all of the things that are important enough to merit their time and resources. It may at times seem overwhelming, but improvement for most human endeavors requires a comprehensive approach because the world itself is increasingly complex. A key function of public education is to prepare our students to live productive and fulfilling lives in such a world.


Vision 20/20

The Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) and partners from around the state are rolling out Vision 20/20:  A Roadmap for Fulfilling the Promise of Public Education in Illinois.  This work is the result of 2-years of facilitated work with educational leaders and Board members from around the state.  Dr. Hansen will be writing this introductory article, and four additional installments explaining briefly the four (4) pillars of Vision 20/20. As the articles are written they will be posted on the district home page as well as on our social media accounts.

Public education has made great strides in the last 10 years, in some cases because of outside pressures, and in others, in spite of those pressures.  Vision 20/20 explains the views of some of the most informed people in the state on the topic of public education.  It is supported through research and experience.  

Introductory article
Highly Effective Educators
21st Century Learners
Shared Accountability

5Essentials Survey

Beginning January 12th and running through March 13th, all parents, certified teachers and students in grades 6-12 are asked to participate in a short survey on school climate and learning conditions. The State Board of Education requires all Illinois schools to participate in the Illinois 5 Essentials Survey to guide local and state improvement initiatives. 

The Eastland CUSD #308 is asking all parents to take the time to complete the survey. Information collected from the survey provides insight that guides future improvement planning. Because it is a statewide survey, results can be normed and compared to other districts in the state, which is also helpful.  

Parents are asked to complete one (1) survey for Eastland Elementary if they have one or more children in grades K-6, and another for Eastland Jr/Sr High School if they have one or more children in grades 7-12. The survey may be completed by following this link. If you have questions or need support to complete the survey, please contact the District Technology Director Eric Haan ( at Eastland Jr/Sr High School (815-493-6341).


Help Children Form Good Study Habits

When kids feel like homework has value and doing it is their own choice, it will seem more interesting and lead to greater achievement.

Click here to read the entire article from the NY Times.

Threats to Funding are Real and Immediate

Click here to read a Letter to the Editor from Dr. Mark D. Hansen, Superintendent of Eastland CUSD #308, concerning the threats to local educational funding.

School Closing Procedures

As Winter and the potential for inclement weather approaches the Eastland School District wants to make sure that parents, students, and community members are aware of the Procedures for School Closings, Cancellations and Postponements. Please take a moment to read this document outlining the procedures.